Destination Weddings

Destination weddings to love! You’re standing on the beach with the sound of rippling water in the background, surrounded by your best friends and closest family. A beautiful afternoon sun that makes your day even more idyllic.. Or do you rather prefer a garden party in the Provence with a view on vines or lavender fields? Why not hire a ‘hacienda’ on the seaside? The quest for the right location isn’t always easy. The difference in culture, another language and way of working can be a barrier. We are happy to help, thanks to our local contacts and top suppliers. destination wedding planner Why would you get married abroad?
  • Looking for something unique
  • An intimate atmosphere with your family and best friends
  • A whole wedding weekend!
  • (Almost) Always splendid weather
  • An adventurous marriage
  • A ceremony on the beach
How can we help? Location, location, location! We have marvelous locations in our portfolio and an extensive network of local suppliers. Looking for something different than what we offer? No problem, we’ll look and find exactly what you want! Once we fixed the location, we can start with the scenario, the invitations, the decoration, .. Let's get in touch & have a coffee!      Sylvie Van Onsem, weddingplanner, wedding planner, gent, destination weddings, destinationweddingplannerMeet Sylvie Van Onsem, a born wedding planner. “I help and inspire the bride and groom with the creation of their perfect wedding day.” After having worked in the services sector for a couple of years, I decided to focus entirely on the organisation of weddings 10 years ago. It is my passion and my profession. I started my own business after having completed apprenticeships in the USA, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Every wedding is a new and unique experience. Organising the perfect wedding for someone else demands knowledge, flexibility, a lot of perserverance and someone who really listens. That’s why I keep investing in finding creative and unique solutions for common stress factors and problems with which bride and groom are confronted. I am a perfectionist, I think “out of the box” and enjoy making other people happy, which of course is a plus as an international wedding planner. ‘If you can dream it, you can do it! ‘ Love more, Sylvie