Wedding Design

Wedding Design - Let's plan your dream wedding! weddingplanner-atouchofwhite-gent-sylvie-van-onsem-oost-vlaanderenDo you know exactly what you want to realise, but are you unable to really get it done? Or don’t you just have the time to plan your wedding?     Nowadays, a lot of couples put a lot of effort in their careers and experience quite a lot of stress in daily life. Getting married should be a romantic experience and not something that keeps one awake at night. Structure, a creative input and guidance, without having the feeling of losing control, could be the solution. The most important thing is that the organisation and the wedding are in line with your vision, personalities and preferences. Wedding Design can best be described as a very close cooperation between us. It is important that you still make the decisions whilst enjoying the advantages of our guidance. The goal is to create a story, you wedding story.. Herewith an overview of what you can expect from a wedding planner:
  • Brainstorming
  • Preparation of the scenario of your wedding day
  • Price negotiations with the suplliers & practical issues
  • Decoration of the tables: design and proposal of suppliers
  • Flowers: design/detail
  • Checklist
  • To-do lists & planning of the budget
  • The common thread of the story / theme
  • Wedding planner will be present on your wedding day
  • Planning tips (do’s and dont’s)
  • Supervision of the suppliers (A Touch of White is the sole point of contact)
  • Reductions with the suppliers (where possible)
On your wedding day we take care of:
  • Assistance of the bride and groom and the “suite”
  • Reception of the guests
  • S.O.S. wedding kit
  • Coordination of the suppliers that have to deliver services on your wedding day
  • Styling and decoration
  • Follow-up of the timeline
Take a look at our different options! weddingplanner-gent-wedding planner, gent, weddings, huwelijk, destinationwedding Who is Sylvie?  I am a perfectionist and enjoy making other people happy, which is a plus in my job as a wedding planner. After having worked in the services sector for a couple of years, I decided to focus entirely on the organisation of weddings 10 years ago. It is my passion and my profession. I started my own business after having completed apprenticeships in the USA, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Every wedding is a new and unique experience. Organising the perfect wedding for someone else demands knowledge, flexibility, someone who really listens and a lot of perseverance. That’s why I keep investing in finding creative and unique solutions for common stress factors and problems with which bride and groom are confronted. I am a perfectionist, I think “out of the box” and enjoy making other people happy, which is a plus as a wedding planner in Belgium and abroad. Contact me for a coffee - no strings attached!