Your day

Your day

Your day

Did you know that the planning of a wedding takes about 270 hours of preparation? So many brides experience stress, insecurities and often don’t have the time to realise a detailed planning.


Make something unique of your wedding day, so you can enjoy the road to your perfect day. Make choices and detailed to-do lists, so that you’re sure nothing is forgotten about.

  • Advantages of a structured approach
  • More creativity, less stress
  • Ability to enjoy the preparations
  • A personal approach
  • No sleepless nights
  • Quality time with your fiancee

A structured scenario, the needed know-how and back-up and a good network can help you achieve this.
Knowing that the planning is right, that a handy to-do list is available and that you can always count on reliable suppliers, will reassure you.
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Who is Sylvie?

sylvie van onsem, wedding planner gent, destination weddingsI am a perfectionist and enjoy making other people happy, which is a plus in my job as a wedding planner.
After having worked in the services sector for a couple of years, I decided to focus entirely on the organisation of weddings 10 years ago. It is my passion and my profession.

I started my own business after having completed apprenticeships in the USA, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.
Every wedding is a new and unique experience. Organising the perfect wedding for someone else demands knowledge, flexibility, someone who really listens and a lot of perseverance.
That’s why I keep investing in finding creative and unique solutions for common stress factors and problems with which bride and groom are confronted.

I am a perfectionist, I think “out of the box” and enjoy making other people happy, which is a plus as a wedding planner in Belgium and abroad.