Fresh, personal, adventurous .. just totally your wedding!

An exiting time full of planning and appointments. Don’t forget to enjoy each other and to let yourselves be inspired…
As a wedding planner with 10 years of expertise, we constantly follow the latest trends.

Belgium at it’s best: A unique concept, a wonderful look & feel, a blissful atmosphere?
We brainstorm, design, look for the best suppliers and create the perfect day or weekend with you.

Destination weddings: Do you want to get married in Spain, Paris or do you prefer the magical Provence?
We work with several unique and beautiful locations in the Provence, at the Côte d’Azur, in Paris and in Spain.

Wedding stress? Don’t worry and let’s meet!
Contact me for a coffee - no strings attached!

Happy day,

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What do you have in mind? A garden party or rather a traditional dinner?
Do you prefer romantic peonies or a more modern style?
The planning of your wedding is an adventure and the most important of all is you being able to enjoy this day in the most peaceful way!
Let your dreams come true!

Take a look at our different options! 


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